Take your back office processes to the next level.

Meet the InVuite platform

InVuite is a process orchestration and workflow management tool for retrieving any kind of information. Modern APIs and the design as a plug and play platform allow it to be fully and easily integrated into your core systems. In-app smart forms allow for a full end to end digital solution eliminating manual redundancies and reducing cycle times, enabling businesses to improve efficiencies and reduce costs. Multiple workflows are intelligently orchestrated and separate tasks are brought to the users attention, eliminating redundant manual workflow coordination. Current and previous tasks and processes can easily be tracked via notifications and workflow history. InVuite allows organizations and their employees to better communicate requests and updates with multiple required third parties such as financial organizations, advisors, HR departments, insurers, doctors and lawyers. The platform is available on any smart device and its use requires minimal training.

Features of our platform at a glance.

API Integration

InVuite is designed as a plug and play platfrom that can be fully and easily integrated into your core systems, eliminating manual redundancy, creating FTE savings and further reducing cycle times.

InVuite tracks all activity on its platform and allows for big data analysis of business processes.


InVuite portals are fully customizable. Straightforward user interfaces guide internal or external users through the process of retrieving information.

In-app smart forms allow for improved service and a full end to end digital solution.

AWS Cloud Solution

InVuite runs on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and is accessible on any smart device. This allows authorized users to access the platform from anywhere in the world at any time.

All your data and the platform itself is hosted on your local AWS server. The secure platform allows companies to comply with all regulatory standards.

Smart Forms & Analytics

Flexible smart-form solutions allow for consistent data formatting, better storage, information sharing between relevant parties, and relevance filters while issues arising from illegible handwriting, fields being missed or incorrectly filled out, and information transmission are reduced.

InVuite enables companies to source soft data that allows the use of analytical tools such as machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Reduced Complexity

InVuite’s centralized and user-friendly web-portal reduces complexity. 

The platform enables its users to optimize processes through tracking and analyzing all interactions and providing recommendations.

Omnichannel experience.

Convenient use on your mobile device

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Log-in from anywhere

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Read your notifications

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Fill in smart forms

InVuite comes in two implementation modes.

InVuite as a platform

InVuite’s technology runs on Amazon cloud and is licenced to companies who operate InVuite.

InVuite as a service

InVuite’s technology runs on Amazon cloud and is operated by InVuite.

  • InVuite’s out-of-the-box portal is operated by companies staff or API integration
  • Company is in full control of the entire process
  • Maximise time savings through fully optimized workflows
  • Internal training is provided, existing workflows can be adjusted
  • Company continues to receives updates and enhancements to the application
  • Customisable UI/UX and workflows 
  • InVuite’s out-of-the-box portals are operated by expert InVuite staff or API integration
  • InVuite’s expert staff handle the entire process
  • Seamless integration into your workflow
  • Internal training is provided & education sessions can be provided for your key clients
  • Minimal changes to current workflow
  • InVuite can customise integration to your existing processes

We are here to support you.

Technical support

InVuite provides full technical support and training for you and your clients.

Extensive user manuals are available for reference.

InVuite can create all required smart forms from your existing templates.